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Why become an ExamStrong Test Center

Colleges, universities, training centers as well as businesses with large computer/language labs or libraries, can apply. The ExamStrong network helps you grow by:

  • making you stand-apart in the online testing space
  • enabling you deliver an unmatched testing experience
  • get access to the secure ExamStrong network
  • makes managing exams simpler through our intuitive dashboard

ExamStrong is rapidly expanding its global test center network. You can grow your existing testing and training business by joining the worldwide ExamStrong network. If you are interested in delivering exams for ExamStrong, please see the requirements below and submit your request.

Become an ExamStrong Test Center

ExamStrong Testing Facility Requirements

A. General Facility Requirements

  • Minimum available floor area of 500 sq.ft.
  • At least 15 workstations dedicated for assessment, separated by partitions.
  • Central Air/ Air-con (plant-based air conditioning) of SEER 9 and above ensure an optimum room temperature of 23-26 degree celsius.
  • Well illuminated exam room so that the test taker can easily read test items, materials, and the computer screen without difficulty.
  • Should have special arrangements for people with disabilities, in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Sufficient waiting rooms and looker facilities for test takers.
  • Be easily accessible, professional in appearance and free from outside distractions.

B. Technology Requirements

  • A minimum 4 (IP Cameras) in a Squarish room; Two top mounted in the front corners of the room facing the Examinees; one each, top mounted on the left and right walls of the room
  • Be connected to the internet via a broadband internet connection with a minimum download speed of 4Mbps and upload speed of 1Mbps.
  • Secured file server closet to only be accessed by certified administrators and technicians
  • The work stations should run the following operating systems
    • Windows 10 Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    Also, the latest version of google chrome should be installed.
  • Display Monitor: 1024x768 resolution, with 32-bit color depth/65,536 colors

C. Staff requirements

  • A minimum of two staff members are required for smooth functioning of the test center.
  • An ExamStrong Certified Test Administrator must be present during testing hours to schedule appointments, admit candidates, sign candidates in and out of the testing room and continuously monitor all exams.
  • A person apart from the primary exam administrator is needed for providing any additional assistance to test takers during the testing hours.
  • All staff members must go through ExamStrong’s staff orientation program before commencing service.

The Application Process – Becoming an ExamStrong Test Center

Open up a whole new world of possibilities by embracing the world’s most secure online testing platform.

The application and qualifying process of becoming an ExamStrong test center starts by expressing the intent through an online application by the prospective partner. The test centers are shortlisted through a rigorous evaluation process by Partner Validation Group, and the decision on partnering and related information is communicated upon meeting the basic requirements. It is all done virtually within 30-60 business days and our team is there to support you along the way. Indeed, there are certain categories of test centers, that are pre-approved, and partnering decisions and other formalities are communicated much faster.

Once the appointment is formalized, and attendant documentation is completed, you will be requested to finish the system and software installations along with completing the training of your staff/ test administrators for seamless understanding of our processes and systems. By adhering to the set standards, your team will be able to ensure superior experience for your examinees.

Please make sure you have reviewed the test center requirements before submitting your application.

To become an ExamStrong Test Center, please express your interest